Frequently Asked Questions

Account Information

Q How long after I sign up can I start using PicomCloud?

After filling out the sign up form, the PicomCloud team will verify your identity, validate the credit card information you provided, and then set up your account. Typically, this process will take no more than one business day. Sign up form typos and/or credit card validation errors may delay this process.

Q What do I need to create an account?

Anyone with a valid NPI number, email address and credit card may create an account with PicomCloud.

Q What is self-service pricing?

PicomCloud is provided as a self service PACS. Links to help topics are available throughout the website; however no direct application assistance is included in the base price. Application and technical assistance are available as an additional cost.

Q Who has access to add team member and/or sources?

"Administrator accounts, including the primary account, can modify the member and source lists.

Q How am I charged for the Advanced Toolset?

You are ONLY charged for the Advanced Toolset if you use it on a study. During billing creation, any study that contains reports, dictation voice files, annotations, key images, or uploaded documents will incur the extra Advanced Toolset fee of $1.

Q What is my financial commitment when I join?

There is NO annual contract with PicomCloud. There is a one-time start up fee ($50), but all other services are pay as you go.

Q What does it cost to add members of my team? (reading physician, technologist, etc)

Adding team members to your virtual workflow is absolutely free.

Q How long is my account active?

Your account is active as long as you satisfy minimum monthly payment requirement.

Q What do I get with my account?

Essentially, a full PACS. You’ll benefit from access to: Image and document upload tools; Diagnostic visualization tools; Reporting tools for radiology, cardiology and more; Voice recognition reporting is available with the advanced toolset; Anywhere access with compatible web browsers and web tablets; and 6 months of storage for the study images and related media objects, with an option to extend for an extra 7 years for an additonal fee.

Q What happens to my patient data if I cancel my account?

Patient Data is stored for 6 months and up to 7 years for an additional fee.

Q How do I close my account?

Please call 1-866-724-6243 so we may assist you.

PACS Tools

Q What types of studies can I view and store in PicomCloud?

PicomCloud supports all traditional medical imaging formats created and stored in DICOM format. (CR, CT, DX, ECG, ES, MG, MR, NM, OT, PT, RF, SC, US. Cardiac Catheterization and Cardiac Echo.) Radiology and other similar static images are presented in a static image viewer. Cardiology imaging for X-ray angiography and echocardiography are displayed in a dynamic image viewer. Other multi-media file objects are launched in their native application (.pdf, .doc, .rtf, etc; if available on the client).

Q Can I set viewing preferences similar to a traditional PACS – like automatically viewing specific priors and creating “hanging protocols”?

Absolutely, as a reading physician, you may set preferences for viewing prior exams using “hanging protocols”.

Q Are there measurement tools available in the viewing applications for linear, volumetric and similar PACS utilities?

Yes, as a reading physician you have access to all our professional diagnostic viewers.

Q What is the Advanced Toolset?

The Advanced Toolset is an addition set of features that can be used on any study. It includes: reporting based on voice recognition, PICOM structured reporting and Dictation/transcription reporting. Includes advanced Gated SPECT viewing. Note, you will be billed only for studies where you used the advanced toolset.

Q Can I designate “Key” images for subsequent review by the primary care physician?

Yes. Key images are easily identified as “key” thumbnail images in an image set.


Q Where do my studies go?

Your studies are uploaded to the PicomOnline server, a HIPAA-compliant PACS that is securely hosted and maintained by ScImage.

Q What type of data can I send to the cloud PACS?

PicomCloud is a multi-media PACS and as such, provides a great deal of flexibility. You can upload any DICOM or Non-DICOM images, supporting documents, audio clips, scanned documents and other multi-media files.

Q How do I send the images / documents to the PicomCloud?

To upload an image or document, log in and navigate to the Media Uploads page. From there, chose an upload type and follow the simple upload steps.

Q Can I send exams from a particular modality / device to PicomCloud automatically?

Most often, yes. If your modality is configurable, it can be set up to send directly to our PicomDrive desktop application, which will be listening for incoming studies, and upload them once the transfer is complete.

Q Are the exams specific to a given patient?

Yes. Provided of course the patient demographics and patient ID are consistent, all clinical content for a given patient will be located in that patient’s “electronic folder”.

Q Can other locations upload exams for me to read?

Yes, as long as you (the reader) and the sender are connected to the same virtual workflow, see the “My Team” page.

Q Can I use PicomCloud to simply forward images to another location rather than sending a CD?

Yes, add this new recipient to your virtual workflow on the “My Team” page. The new entity will now be able to login and view only the exams you’ve tagged for their access.

Q Can I use PicomCloud to simply forward images to another location rather than sending a CD?

Yes, add this new recipient to your virtual workflow on the “Your Team” page. The new entity will now be able to login and view only the exams you’ve tagged for their access.

Q Who has access to my studies?

As the account administrator, you create new users in PicomCloud and control the studies that they can view.

Q How do I view my studies?

After logging in, click on the 'View Images' tab to view the images you uploaded using our web-viewer called PicomWeb. You and your team may also install and view studies from the PicomClient application, designed for reading workstations, to utilize our advanced viewing software, reporting and study management capabilities.

Reporting Tools

Q Does PicomCloud provide a means to generate a final report?

Yes, as a “Reading Physician” you have access to the reporting tools.

Q Is this a structured report or a free-form text report?

Both are available depending on modality and your reporting preference.

Q Is voice-recognition reporting offered?

Yes, our reporting software fully supports voice-recognition reporting. Please note, it is the responsibility of the user to acquire Dragon Natural Speaking (Healthcare Version) and a speech microphone.

Q Can I finalize and authenticate the report with a secure e-signature?

Sure can!

Q Can I electronically send the report to a client/referring physician?

Yes. Distribution preferences are chosen at the time of a new Team member creation. Choose between email, fax or both.

User Manuals

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